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What’s the Current Legal Status of CBD Oil in Canada
Cannabis has been legal in Canada for a few a couple of years now. Generally speaking, Canadian people can possess 30 grams of cannabis provided they acquired it through a regulated source. The law changed on October 19, 2019, to incorporate cannabis products and extracts like CBD oil. As per the Canadian government portal: “Adults are legally able to purchase fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis oils and seeds or plants for cultivation from authorized...
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23rd February 2020
5 Things You Wouldn’t Guess about Vegas Casinos
They say that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and for a sizable number of intoxicated tourists, that’s something that’s probably for the best. Read ON. 
They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas--and for a sizable number of intoxicated tourists, that’s something that’s probably for the best. But every now and then, a little Vegas fact, figure or story slips through the fingers of the press office and makes its way to the mainstream media. Now, we’re not going to undress any scandals or immoral issues here, as that would be--well--immoral. But looking into the...
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23rd February 2020
Quick Heal Technologies Patented Signatureless Behaviour-based Detection. This is likely to be a Game Changer for Enterprise Security
Innovation has no bar and must bring newer horizons for people. Quick Heal has brought one such solution for enterprises to feel more secure and upgraded. A patented technology that they claim is going to make a dent in the enterprise security space. Read ON! 
Today’s interconnected dynamic digital world and thriving BYOD culture has broadened the horizon for targeted cyber-attacks, especially in the enterprise sector. In such a stringent environment, even a minor vulnerability could lead to a major breach in enterprise security meaning millions of dollars of loss. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for new vulnerabilities and unintended flaws in security software that serve as entry points for hackers to exploit. Once hackers...
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28th October 2019
Why Mumbai is Best Indian City to Live
As many say, Mumbai is not just a city but an emotion. There are people of every culture residing here, but the unity is the best surprise. Once you have lived here, you will not want to be any place else. Read ON!
Today, as I sit by my window with ‘Aaj kal Zindagi, mujhse hai keh rahi, tu jo meri maane toh chal deewane sapno ki raho mein tu...’ from the movie Wake up Sid playing in the background, gazing at the city lights and just trying to soak in every bit of it, I realized how much am I in love with Mumbai. I have always been a strong believer of...
Place: Mumbai, India
Pub Engine
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24th July 2019
BMS College of Commerce & Management in Bengaluru inaugurates their second UG batch 2019-20
Education is the key to unlocking millions of possibilities and institutions that cater to delivering quality always inspire a deal of culture and growth among the students who then move on to become the global citizens. BMS institutions are an example of the same. Cheers to their new campus. Read ON!
BMS College of Commerce and Management, run under the aegis of BMS Educational Trust, Bangalore inaugurated the second Under Graduate batch B.Com, BBA and BCA of 2019-20 on 8th July, 2019. The event was presided over by Shri. Aviram Sharma, Chairman, BMS College of Commerce and Management and Trustee, BMSET. Dr. P. Dayananada Pai , Trustee, BMSET and Chairman, BMSCE & BMSCA and Shri. M. Madan Gopal, IAS (Retd.), Trustee,...
Place: Bengaluru, India
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11th July 2019
Transforming India : Powering Growth Through Innovation Driven Culture
Innovation can power growth and those that don't believe in it have proven this more than the statement itself. Brands have collapsed, industries have gotten washed out, businesses have been shut down and leaders have been replaced who never cared about it. Here's Mr Aditya sharing his insights on this dimension of growth. Read ON!
The world is changing at a rapid pace, tectonic shifts are happening in the field of technology and business. World is looking for progressive ideas and solutions every minute to bring changes to people's lives . Business models are evolving continuously wherein digital has become a business enabler. Manual Intervention & drudgery of manual tasks is getting eliminated and the operational processes are on the verge of a radical overhaul. Due...
Place: Mumbai, India
Aditya Krishnan
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4th July 2019
Team Liquid Becomes the Top Worldwide CS GO Team
CS: GO for many who haven't yet learnt about it is a sensation fast catching the world of gamers. The attention doesn't seem to go away and with teams like the team liquid playing their top game, it's all the more worth the watch. Read ON!
If you engaged in CS: GO bets for Team Liquid on, then you must be in awe after their end result. After participating in both IEM Sydney and DreamHack Master Dallas, the team won and became the number 1 CS: GO team in the world. As such, they became the first North American to hold this title. As a result, they were able to take home a prize of $100,000,...
Place: Sydney, Australia
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15th June 2019
Indian Chess Academy Wayanad organizes their 1st Below 1600 All India FIDE Rated Tournament
ICA Trust from Wayanad organizes their first ever FIDE rated all India chess tournament at Wayanad and witnesses close to 330 participants. It's inspiring to learn about their vision and mission for the upcoming years. They have already produced 40 FIDE rated players and on their way to produce more. Read ON!
The FIRST is always cherished, remembered and celebrated besides also being the event that puts the utmost pressure on the organizers. It becomes the benchmark for a long journey ahead and puts you into the rhythm for the journey of growth. The spiral begins at the first step and takes the shape of the momentum it is set into. While, course correction is always possible a good start is half work...
Place: Wayanad, Kerela, India
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15th June 2019
Meshlium Scanner to monitor passengers’ activity in Manchester Airport
Press Release
Content mentioned in the mail:Air transport is becoming more and more popular, airports now offer places for leisure, gastronomy, shopping or culture, among others. Many airport managers aim to reduce waiting times and make the passenger experience comfortable. Innotech Insights Ltd, a leading solutions provider within crowd observation and passenger data collection, deployed a series of devices to monitor people movement and crowd behavior at the Airport of Manchester, the third busiest airport...
Place: Manchester, United Kingdom
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29th January 2019
Looking to the Future: The Impact of the US Midterm Elections on the USD-linked Currency Pairs
As noted by the Jones Mutual CFD trading specialists, the United States Dollar (USD) is the world's reserve currency. describes a reserve currency as "(or anchor currency) is a currency that is held in significant quantities by governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves." Thus, it is safe to say that the USD is the most important currency in the world. Consequently, US monetary policy is...
Place: United States
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12th December 2018