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Uranus 2049: Why is this such an important mission?
Looking at the significance of the Uranus 2049 NASA mission. Why do we need to go to this foreign planet, how will we get there and what will we discover?
APL: Looking at the significance of the Uranus 2049 NASA mission. Why do we need to go to this foreign planet, how will we get there and what will we discover? Uranus, the seventh planet. We don’t know much about it yet in relative terms, but that’s pretty much to be expected considering that it is some 3.1 billion km away from us here on Earth. But that could all be about...
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22nd May 2022
[Recovery Centers] Serotonin Vs Dopamine: The Key Differences?
Key neurotransmitters that determine our happiness and overall satisfaction in life. We ought to know what they do and how we can optimize their impact in our lives. Read ON!
What Do They Do? Why Are They Different? And Which Do You Need More Of? Serotonin and Dopamine are both neurotransmitters. They are responsible for our happiness and life satisfaction respectively. Neurotransmitters are a series of chemicals that our brain releases when neurons communicate with each other. Some people's brains do not produce or release enough dopamine and/or serotonin. This can lead the person to develop depression, anxiety, a low sex drive, and...
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27th April 2022
How Does an Electric Drive Hydraulic Pump Function?
An electric motor drives hydraulic pumps, which transform electrical energy into fluid pressure. For all hydraulic drives, they are required. Hydraulic fluid then delivers the fluid pressure to cylinders, actuators, and hydraulic motors at the needed pressure and volume. Hydraulic pumps, in comparison to hydraulic motors, work at higher speeds and pressures. While some gate drives use reversible pumps, most use a unidirectional pump with a directional control valve to reverse...
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22nd February 2022
9 Types of Wearable Technology Devices You Must Know About
According to Grandview Research, the market size of wearable technology globally was valued at $40.65 billion in 2020. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% from 2021 to 2028. The advancements in technology like IoT have led to the creation of connected devices, and the popularity of these devices is rising rapidly. The rising literacy worldwide is fueling the demand for these products. The prevalence and increase of...
Kunal Jain
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16th February 2022
Tech Concepts Made Easy
Technology is always changing and gets more advanced with the passing of time. We’ve become a cybernetic society that has put our trust in digital assets and security measures that are meant to keep our data safe. We’ve moved from shopping from brick-and-mortar stores to online shops. Even our currencies have gone from physical to digital, and transactions have become faster and generally more monitored. In this transition from the...
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19th December 2021
Things to Know About Your Solar Panel Battery Life
Solar panels need solar batteries to store energy for future use in your house properly. That is why it is essential to be knowledgeable when it comes to solar batteries and their care and maintenance. Prolong your solar battery’s life expectancy with the help of this article. People have been loving solar lights nowadays because of their eco-friendly features. Solar lights are also more cost-efficient because they don’t rely on traditional...
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2nd December 2021
Coders and Programmers Find NuLabs' Backlog Tool A True Haven. Here's Why
The demand for Websites and Software of various kinds has increased over the last decade. That resulted in a surge of the development and designing companies globally. In 2018, there were 23 million Web developers, software developers, programmers, and coders globally, and is expected to reach 27.7 million by 2023. Today, several companies work on several projects at a given point in time, and it is no different for the development and design companies....
Kunal Jain
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22nd November 2020
5 Essential Capacitor Applications In Modern Tech Equipment
There are several essential capacitor applications utilized across modern tech equipment. Capacitors are one of the fundamental components of modern electronics. With their varied applications, capacitors can be utilized across a variety of industries by various consumer markets. Each type of capacitor has specific attributes that allow it to perform well in specific applications. Understanding the essential capacitor functions is essential to design a circuit, fix your household electrical equipment,...
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6th June 2020
Why should we laugh? The Science behind Laughter
Savitha Hosamane has been often tagged and labelled the laughter queen for her work with laughter and on culture building with organizations. She believes one must often laugh and there's a complete science to what it does to a person. Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that elucidates this concept. Read ON!
A Japanese proverb says “laughter is the music of soul”. The only man is capable of laughter, no other animal can laugh. It is a beautiful gift of the divine. Divinity knocks on the doors of a happy soul. A person who is full of laughter has the touch of the divine. Laughter is the best medicine. It is available within us freely. It has been found that if a...
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25th May 2020
Why Should I learn Python?
Out of the entire array of options available if only somebody could tell us which course in computers to start off with to master the world of web and gain advantage, python would be a definite answer and the key. Here's why you must learn. Read ON!
Learning Python itself is a great option for anyone looking to improve their long-term career opportunities. It helps you to know more about the different functional specifications of the database. Through this type of training, one can easily learn how Python supports a superior connection to MySQL. You can even know the Python installation process. However, for that, you will have to obtain a suitable web server configuration. If you want to...
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23rd July 2019