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Make the Cooking Process More Fun and Engaging
Many people find cooking to be a chore that needs doing each day, but this does not have to be the case. Cooking can be a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding hobby when you throw yourself into it, which would also allow you to eat a more varied and healthier diet. So, what can you do to make the cooking process more fun and engaging? Cook International Recipes One of the best ways to...
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9th June 2022
What are the Actual Uses of the Peelers in the Kitchen?
The peelers are the essential kitchen hacking tools, and they will give significant usage to the peelers. When it comes to saving time in the kitchen, peelers are also one of the parts that will peel the skin of the vegetables and fruits. In that, sufficient nutrients are preserved under the more needed skin. When cutting the vegetables with the knife as profoundly, there may be a chance of losing...
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9th June 2022
History of Our Favorite Drinks
Drinks evolved over time but the favourites only evolved in their tastes and reach. Here's a quick run-through of our favourite drinks. Read ON!
Do you enjoy an ice cold beer after a hard day’s work during the summer months? Or perhaps you like to get comfortable with a good book and a tasty rose? Or, perhaps, there is nothing more satisfying to you than a cup of strong espresso to kickstart the day. Whatever your personal preference is, chances are you’re drinking something that the world over has been consuming for hundreds or...
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13th June 2019
Inspiring Tools & Technologies for the New Age Restauranteurs
Restaurant industry is ever growing and with the number of people visiting and buying food outside, the technology inclusion has become a must to serve customers better and better. Here are a few tools to keep a watch on. Read ON!
Technology is transforming the restaurant industry. In simple terms, it’s a fantastic tool that addresses consumer demands for efficiency and customization. In the past, restaurants have been in industries that are dependent on labor, whether in the kitchen, accounting or with the waiters. However, all this is slowly changing. New technologies like automated restaurant bookkeeping are changing the way we approach this industry. Other areas that are affected by these changes include...
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16th May 2019
Healthy Barbecuing Cooking Tips
Hence, in light of the impending summer, and to trim the belly, we are presenting you with healthy BBQ cooking tips. Whether you are having a fun weekend with family and friends or hosting a party, BBQ is the healthiest way of cooking. Here are my top healthy BBQ cooking tips Pick the Right Protein When selecting the protein to serve to your guest, opt for healthier options such as fish, chicken...
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22nd January 2019
The Best Culinary Eats in Mexico City
Though details on Culinary Eats in Mexico are available in abundance for first time travellers, this piece particularly saves your time on reaching the right places on your exploratory visit. If you are traveling mexico, then don't miss visiting these. Read ON!
As one of the world’s largest cities, it’s really no surprise that visitors can discover a nearly endless amount of fantastic food throughout Mexico City. If you’ve recently worked with a realtor in Dallas to buy a home there, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the long list of restaurants that area offers – nearly 13,800 in North Texas according to statistics reported by Dallas News -  but just wait...
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6th November 2018
The Chef Post Presents Cold War 2018
24 five star hotels | 72 Chefs | Tasting Panel with Chef Ranveer Brar | Boozy Desserts | Ramp
Further to the signature launch of The Chef Post portal in 2016 where the city witnessed its top chefs slay the ramp, Cold War in 2017 where 11 five star hotels showcased dessert & drinks, the portal has become a favourite amongst many to know about chefs & everything culinary. The Chef Post presents its signature event, Cold War – 2018, the second edition, grander & fiercer.Cold War is a...
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23rd August 2018
Five Food Trends That Are Redefining Table Offering Styles
If food is the new fashion, then these are the facets of local culinary culture that are here to stylishly stay like timeless wardrobe pieces that garner more appreciation each season. Here's a piece talking about the shift taking place globally. Read ON!
Campaigners for sustainable food consumption and lowering global footprints can take heart because, it seems, these socio-economic concerns are high on the list of what’s influencing chef concoctions, based on demand. Equally as important is the at-home high-end food dining trend, with diners seeking the satisfaction of not only fast casual but gourmet food deliveries. So massive has the spike in delivery demand been, some full-service restaurants have opened purely...
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26th April 2018
Eight Must-Visit Places to Savour Delhi Delights
If you are a foodie, then you have come to the right place. The food scene in Delhi is dynamic and diverse, and there is something to suit every type of palate. We bring you the best places for different types of cuisine. So take your pick from our list of eateries of Delhi, which we deem must-visits.
Paranthe Wali Gali At Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, this is the place to head to if you like your paranthas in desi style. From vegetable versions stuffed with cauliflower to non-vegetarian ones stuffed with mutton mince, from savoury delights dipped in clarified butter to sweetened ones prepared with ‘mava’ - you will be spoilt for choice. There is even a healthier version of it available these days, prepared with...
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10th October 2017
The Best Sushi Machine Technology
A sushi machine is a mechanical device that helps you create different types of sushi, which is a Japanese dish that consists of vinegared rice, seafood and other ingredients such as vegetables, and tropical fruits.
There are different types of sushi machines available in the market. Some sushi machines are used to produce sushi rice to prepare Nigiri, whereas some sushi machines are used to produce sushi rolls. These machines allow you to employ less qualified and less expensive chefs to cook your sushi dishes. Then there are other machines too such as the sushi conveyor belts and sushi freshness monitoring systems...
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5th July 2017