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This orphan woman fights the DEMON that possibly could take over the earth
Koriander Bullard writes 'Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter' based on series of Dreams she had as a child. She dreams of various demons who could possibly take over the planet earth and how she fights them all. Read ON!
1. What inspired you to write this book?Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter began as a series of dreams I had as a child after I suffered a concussion from school bullying. Every night I had these amazing dreams about this young woman fighting demons, and I would draw or write down the dreams as I grew up. Then when I was 29, I decided to start compiling them into books.2. What were the...
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12th July 2019
She marries an illegal immigrant to survive and pull back
It’s the book that inspires those who have been through a rough period that life can get better, that things do improve, that eventually wounds can heal with time and happy endings do truly exist for even underserving people. Read ON! 
1. What inspired you to write this book? The Shade of Devotion was cathartic for me in many ways as the inspiration for the book came from my own personal experiences. I was homeless at 17 with my three younger siblings awarded to foster care after our mother’s abandonment. During that time, my Asian friend offered to have me marry her relative who was an illegal immigrant. He needed a...
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12th July 2019
Aria Fafat Pens Down a Story Inspired by Serena Williams and The Challenges She Has Faced
"Your pen doesn't ask you your age, it asks for courage!" says the editor at iU and it never more aptly applied to anything else than Aria's story who brought out such an inspirational set of thoughts by penning down her beliefs and comprehension inspired by a 5th grade assignment. Read ON!
What inspired you to write this book? “Once Upon a Fishbowl” started as a fifth-grade short-story assignment, where we were given the task of writing a short story depicting the life of a role model but set in a non-human environment. I was - and continue to be - in awe of Serena Williams and her fight against oppressing social ills so I chose her as the central subject of my...
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11th March 2019
Erupt With Joy by Ms. Savitha Hosamane Brings Out The Joyous Side of Your Life
Savitha Hosamane is an Author | Visionary Entrepreneur | Speaker | Facilitator | Culture Builder | Product Evangelist | Conceptualizer, with over 23 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience. She launched her latest book ERUPT WITH JOY which is being picked up by HRs, Culture Heads of companies, GMs, CEOs and COOs to bring their tribes to live, laugh and erupt with joy while at work. 
Savitha Hosamane An instrumentation engineer by qualification and a joyful engineer by choice. Am on a mission to craft happy and healthy mindsets and to make work as meditation. I strongly believe in making the earth a much happier place than what it is right now. Work towards designing joyful workplaces to maximize profits by culture nourishment and alignment. I dream of creating non-serious spaces to harvest human potential in inner and...
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25th January 2019
Broken Locks A Book By Joe Mc Clain Jr
An Interview Mr Joe Mc Clain Jr who is the author of Broken Locks book with the Authors' Paradize. This is an "as it is" story to ensure you are reading directly from the author without an intermediate altered perspective from any of our editorial members to ensure you are listening straight from the Author. #AuthorsParadize
1. What inspired you to write this book? The Water Crisis in Flint and the destruction of a lead filled housing project in my hometown of East Chicago, Indiana.2. What we the earliest incidents in your life when you learnt you had a writer in you?When I was seven, I used to write short stories at my local boys and girls club. I didn't know it would take me where...
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22nd January 2019
4.456Pi Diaries Part 1- An introduction
A title that leaves you curious and a book that would leave you empowered are the perfect mix to describe 4.456Pi. A book by Sandhya Nagaraj. Here's a quick intro in her words. Read ON!
I’m going to start at the middle. “The beginning” is too cliche, and highly overrated. Did you know from the very beginning that you were born, and you had a family, and all that? Of course not. You existed, but if somebody asked you, you didn’t know. The beginning of all magical things start the same way- plainly, without an uproar, until it does cause a stirring. After which there...
Sandhya Nagaraj
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24th September 2018
Redemption - The Advent: By Kimon Alexander
A complete Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller that would leave you only on the last page post you are done reading through it completely. Catch a few details here before you jump into the complete ride of thrilling fiction by Alexander Kimon Acavalos. Read ON!
About the Book "Redemption - The Advent" By Alexander Kimon Acavalos (Pen Name: Kimon Alexander): In a world where science and technology are advancing at breakneck speeds and greed appears to be the main driving force in human affairs, the spiritual meaning of the old systems that govern us is becoming increasingly outdated. Writing this story as a contemporary mystery/thriller, while interweaving the involvement of an out- worldly moral force, it...
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21st November 2017
Top 10 Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill
Writing was, is, and always will be a complex skill. In today’s business environment, writers have a lot to gain, as every business nowadays needs content in order to thrive or survive. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a writer that wants to improve his writing skills.
Before anything else, I’d like to offer you an important advice: no matter what tools, advice, or strategies you encounter, be very aware of the fact that your writing capacities will only improve through repetition. The more you write the better you become. That’s a fact, and no one can contradict it.   However, besides consistent writing practice, you should also keep an open mind regarding different writing apps and tools that...
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22nd October 2017
Destiny Rutledge Writes 'The Experiment' Which Is One Of The Midnight Murder Series
Life has so many flavors of experiences to offer & mystery is one of the best flavors that keeps life going. This piece is aptly named & explores the side to human experiences that are hair raising & thrilling. The Experiment is a composition that shall leave you visually excited & intellectually thrilled. Read on!
Thanatos, King of Netherworld, summoned Rufus and Adán to tell them that he wanted them and another knight to work with hunters in the World of the Living. They questioned his quest; telling the Fourth Horseman that hunters don't care if they're a creature or fiend, they'll kill first and never ask questions. Death understood that they were frustrated with this, but explained that it's an experiment. He also explained...
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21st July 2017
Sumeet Mahendra compiles powerful inspiring quotes into the book - The Words Of Wisdom
Quotes are indeed a way to get a quick dose of self-help, re-orientation and sometimes the direction we are looking for. Sometimes they are life changing as they give us the dose of inspiration that changes our direction of life forever and look like the only thing we were ever waiting for.
Sumeet Mahendra understands this power of quotes and compiles The Words Of Wisdom, which is a collection of a hand picked quotes and sayings of the Great Sages of the World. There lies an enormous power in every single word of these quotes, as the mere understanding and application of them can help you in achieving all your personal and professional goals, in no time. The best way to use this...
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21st July 2017