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Engaging Kids to Fun Indoor Activities: 8 Things to Consider
We all know how much our kids love sports. Whether they are actively playing on their favorite sport's team or their own, the simple fact is that they can't get enough of it. And so do you! With the high-tech equipment and educational materials available today, you don't have to sacrifice your child's participation to fit in. So, if you've ever thought about getting them into a few fun indoor...
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23rd July 2021
How Viewing Sport via Live Streaming Has Become Incredibly Popular
The technology that allows sporting events to be live-streamed around the planet has become hugely popular in recent years, meaning that it is now very easy to find a variety of games to watch online as they happen. How has this happened and what does it mean for sports fans?  How Streaming Has Arrived to Sports: Sports events have long been the most popular among television audiences. The Super Bowl XLIX...
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23rd July 2021
A Look Back at Some of the Greatest Moments and Players in the NBA Finals
The playoffs have begun in the NBA and have already produced some thrilling moments for basketball fans around the globe. Things will come to a head on July 22nd when the finals end. The Brooklyn Nets are the current favorites in the NBA Championship odds, but a lot can happen between now and finals day. Much is to be decided yet, including the question of how many fans will be...
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12th June 2021
Trail Training: How To Get Your Body Ready For Hiking
Whether you are going out on the trails for a day at a time, or you are embarking on multi-day adventures, you need to ensure that your body is prepared. Hiking is a physically demanding activity that you need to train for. While the best way to train for hiking is arguably to spend more time in the hills, however, this is not always possible. With the right approach to...
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24th May 2021
College Basketball News: Zags Tops in the Nation
The most recent college basketball rankings were released and to absolutely no one’s surprise, the Gonzaga Bulldogs reign supreme as the top team in the nation with a pristine 24-0 mark. Trailing closely behind are the Baylor Bears whose 21-1 record speaks for itself but their victories over three consecutive top 20 teams have also made a statement. But the cloud always hovering above Gonzaga is the specter of their competition...
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30th April 2021
Prevention And Solution Of Sports Injuries
Sports have been a source of enjoyment around the globe for centuries. There are countless types of sports that are being played. The common thing between most of the sports that involve physical activity is that there are always chances of injury. In various cases, the participants get injured because of their own fault. There was a time when the field of health wasn’t advanced much, and injuries took quite a...
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23rd January 2021
Is It Time to Regulate Online Gaming Yet?
In the wake of Covid-19’s impacts on social and economic stability, digital entertainment is providing a momentum of growth for many related sectors. The fragmented regulation of online gaming, however, is holding it back and is limiting the segment’s ability to contribute to the digital transformation of the nation. Online Gaming’s Growing Importance India’s online gaming industry is one of those sectors which have not been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. On the...
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14th January 2021
The Mental Health Benefits of Indulging in Sports
Talks about mental health have always been hushed and brushed under the rug. For several decades, people who tried to reach out for help to deal with their degrading mental health were shamed and berated. Though the scenario has changed for the better, there is still a long way to go before the stigma concerning mental health is broken, once and for all. There are several reasons that can spur a...
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28th December 2020
6 Benefits That Sports Can Have For Your Health
Being physically active is something that everyone strives for, as it can have numerous mental and physical benefits. Though, regular exercise is beneficial, I think playing sports is even better. Apart from improving your physical activity, playing sports also has an incredible effect on your body and mind. It develops a healthy sense of competition and makes you more persistent. Playing sports can teach you several skills that allow you to take...
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19th December 2020
How Football Shirts Sponsorships Become Engrained on Fans’ Consciousness
It’s now ten years since FC Barcelona bucked a 111-year trend of not wearing any sponsors logos on their iconic kits. Back in December 2010, the Catalan club decided it would emblazon its shirts with the logo for the Qatar Foundation, with the not-for-profit group paying €150 million for the privilege over five years. It was a staggering amount to pay, but not uncommon in modern European football. While some fans...
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23rd November 2020