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Advantages of Wearing Basketball Shoes
They say, Sports is fun only when the right sports gear is used, because, when you miss out on the right gear, you miss out on the full experience playing that sport offers. So, here's the kind of basketball shoes you might need and a look into the advantages of wearing them. Read ON!
The top players of Basketball sport are among the highest-paid sportspersons and that leaves no doubt that it indeed is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many young people are interested in playing basketball, hoping to represent their school, state, or country. Like other sports, the performance of the player depends to a large extent on his equipment. For a basketball player, the only equipment he has...
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1st October 2020
A Marathoner, A Cyclist, A Swimmer and An Author - Ms. Suvalagna Chandra's Highly Proactive Inspiring Life Has it All.
What makes this young girl from Kolkata so proactive when several others struggle to find motivation to even wake up to daily chores? What makes her tick on her toes when several others feel aimless at times? Here's a sneak peek into life of Suvalagna, who is pulling herself together every single day to make her life story remarkable and a piece of inspiration for others. Read ON!
1. Could you introduce yourself and the types of Athletics you are involved in? I am Suvalagna Chandra, a resident of Kolkata where I live with my parents and my sister. I am a Marathoner, a Cyclist, and a Swimmer apart from a full-time job as a Financial Advisor. I have 6 medals in my kitty currently. 2. Could you share the details regarding your Education background & Work experience? I have completed...
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23rd April 2020
The Origin of Horse Racing
Horse racing is an ancient sport that dates back to 4500BC in Central Asia. Over the years, it’s gone through many iterations, from being a regal sport with royal associations to the betting favorite it is today. Read ON!
Horse racing is an ancient sport that dates back to 4500BC in Central Asia. Over the years, it’s gone through many iterations, from being a regal sport with royal associations to the betting favorite it is today. Racing is one of the most popular sports in the world and there are a vast array of events taking place every day around the world. But how did racing become the popular...
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9th January 2020
Football Safety Equipment List You Need to Know
Being a physical confrontational game, a football player requires proper safety equipment before appearing on the field. Here's a piece that gives you a quick list to keep in mind. Read ON! 
Being a physical confrontational game, a football player requires proper safety equipment before appearing on the field. Sometimes, physical contacts while tackling and impacts are so severe that you can fall on the ground. More importantly, you have to protect your head and shoulder from high impact so that you can keep playing. Otherwise, due to a severe injury, you may have to leave the football field for several months. Even...
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22nd November 2019
How to Watch Soccer Online with Betting Sites
Not many people are aware that many online betting sites are offering live streaming service that includes coverage of many sports. Gaining access to this is much easier than you think, and there are no hidden adds, links or suspicious sites to deal with. Let’s start with an explanation of why bookies have live streaming available in the first place It’s a strong acquisition tool for them Since there are so many...
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18th July 2019
The Inspiring Growth Of E-sports and E-Sports Betting Globally
Every industry sees challenges at the onset and those that are backed by visionaries, demand from people and rewarding futures always meet growth that is unparalleled and an example for other industries to follow. The e-sports industry is one of them. Read ON!
E-sports scene has gained massive popularity over the course of the last ten years. Players are no longer competing against friends or in their local area just for fun and prestige. The amount of money secured for big esports tournaments today is just unbelievable. Of course, many of the online betting sites have recognized the potential and introduced betting lines for many different games and tournaments. This turned out into...
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10th July 2019
PUBG Mobile & Call of Duty Mobile: The Similarities
It's always fun to compare games and explore similarities. This is what it looks like when you compare PUBG and CALL of Duty. Read ON
PUBG Mobile was an instant hit after the release. I don’t remember any other mobile game entering the scene and dominating it like this. Needless to say, because of PUBG Mobile now we have a competitive and professional mobile gaming scene. Call of Duty mobile, recently came out in smartphones and the initial reaction was great. Even though it didn’t get to build up the hype PUBG did but it was...
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7th July 2019
6 Athletes Who Defied the Odds
Athletes inspire the spirit of fighting to victory and never giving up and those that create history inspire people from every domain and enterprise. Here's a list of 6 of them who went on to defy all odds and stand out to make a mark that history cannot forget. Read ON!
At one time or another every child has those moments where they sit alone with their thoughts and begin to dream of their future achievements; some go for astronauts; some go for Hollywood, but a large section of young people aspires to be sports stars. Unfortunately, 99.9% will give up on their dream with most of them doing so before they even reach full maturity. Here is a list of six...
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26th June 2019
The Top Five eSports Games On The Rise In 2019
esports is a form of competitions using video games. There are several quality games to choose from. Here's a quick list of those on the rise. Read ON
Finding great new esports games to play in the new year is one of the most fun things that you can do. However, you need to be sure that you have taken a look at what all your options are before you get started. There are some very interesting games here that you might want to have a look at, and it would be smart for you to consider what it...
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15th June 2019
All Brazil Football on one Reliable Resource
For all the fans of football out there globally who are wondering what would be the best source to stay tuned and follow every update of the games, here's something you must learn about. Read ON!
Recently, there are a lot of interesting events in Brazil football. The density of results in the standings are overwhelming, so the team’s place in the final standings directly depends on the result of each match. Brazil is traditionally considered a country where many young talents are discovered. The young age of a number of teams leaves a certain imprint on their results. It results in a lack of stability in...
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13th June 2019