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Inspiring story of Mirabai Chanu, the Silver Medalist from India in Tokyo Olympics 2020
Mirabai Chanu is an Indian Women's Weightlifting Champion. She became the 2nd Female Weightlifter to have won an Olympic Medal for the country after the legendary Karnam Malleshwari who won Bronze in 2000. Read ON!
Who is Mirabai Chanu? Mirabai Chanu is an Indian Women Weightlifting Champion whose name has gotten etched in the history of sports in the country. She has become only the 2nd Women Weightlifter to have won an Olympic Medal for our country after the Bronze medal by the legendary Karnam Malleshwari in 2000. Mirabai Chanu won a Silver Medal for India in Women’s Weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Let’s get to...
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27th November 2022
Celebrating Abundance as a Way of life - The Journey of Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan
Dr. Meenaa Mahaajjan is a renowned Spiritual Coach, Transformation Coach, and a Life Skill Instructor. She is the Founder of Siddhi, a Spiritual Non-Profit Organisation Dr.Meenaa Mahaajjan is the one who truly embraces the spirit of social entrepreneurship. She is a people’s person to the core. A school topper and gold medallist in Botany and Masters in Anthropology from Delhi University, she excelled academically. She chose to walk away...
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26th February 2022
The Life Story Of PV Sindhu, The Ace Shuttler And Olympic-Medalist From India
Pusarla Venkata Sindhu (popularly known as PV Sindhu) has been a household name in India as an international badminton player. The people of India have been a witness to the journey of transformation of PV Sindhu from an aspirant badminton player to a top-seed athlete. She has created a mark for herself by becoming the only second individual athlete in the history of Indian sports to win medals in two...
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18th September 2021
Payal Nanjiani, A World-Renowned Leadership Speaker & Author, Known For Redefining Leadership
Payal Nanjiani is a Top Leadership Speaker, #1 Executive Coach, & Globally Acclaimed Leadership Expert who is developing Transformed Leaders Who Influence, Innovate & Implement. She is also the Founder & CEO at Success Within Leadership, a Leadership Training company based in the USA & India.  Her work on developing transformed leaders that spreads beyond two decades, her books, and her award-winning Leadership Podcast have made her a renowned name in leadership training....
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26th July 2021
Here Is The Inspiring Story Of Mr. Wesley Chan Helping 150,000 Sales Professionals Perform
Introduction: Mr. Wesley Chan is a Sales Breakthrough Coach and 3x TEDx Speaker. He specializes in training, speaking, and coaching on Sales, Persuasion, and Influencing Skills. For the past 10 years, he has trained and coached more than 150,000 individuals across 20 cities from more than 150 organizations. Some of his clients include Fortune 500, public listed corporations, and global market leaders such as Shell, Intel, and Samsung. Prior to being...
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26th May 2021
Dream and The Universe Shall Conspire to Make it Happen! - The Journey of Dr Rajashree
Dr. Rajashree is the Founder of  Catalyze Center for Learning Pvt. Ltd., an E-Learning platform for the coaching of Competitive Exams, K12 Learning, CBSE & ICSE Curricula, Australian Curriculum among others. Dr. Rajashree– A research scientist who started her entrepreneurial journey in online tutoring much ahead of time when learning online was not much heard of in India. Ideation Dr. Rajashree says that she always longed to do a Ph.D. as she was academically very...
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26th May 2021
The man of patents and perseverance - The Journey of Mr Jayasheel Adappa
Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that throws light on the inspiring story of Mr Jayasheel Adappa. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Mr. Jayasheel Adappa is the Founder of Usha Armour Pvt. Ltd., the Manufacturer & Supplier of Fire Safety Equipments Company formation Jayasheel was brought up in a joint family with an agricultural background by his grandparents in a village in Mangalore since he lost his mother at an early age. He attributes his life skills and learnings to his growing up years. He had to walk 5 km to...
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2nd September 2020
A Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Content Writer, Chef, Traveller and Unstoppable! at 56- Harjeet Kaur
Age is no limit where courage presides. Ms Harjeet Kaur is a living example of this. With lovely grand children to play with and learn tonnes of life from her doesn't stop her from giving her commitment to share with the world the great recipes she uses to cook delightful food. The life story of one such person would be a thorough treat to read. So, Read ON!
1. Could you share a brief about yourself?  I am Harjeet Kaur- a Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Content Writer, Chef, and Traveller. I was born and lived all my life in a sleepy town- Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India. I just let my life flow with barely any ripples until I was 40. Now I am on the other side of 50. Yes but not old by any standards. I am at...
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12th June 2020
An Inspiring Young Entrepreneur from the Northeast India- Mr. Prajal Regmi
1. What do you want the world to know you as?  My name is Prajal Regmi. I’m from Sikkim, a north-eastern state of India. Currently, I’m a student and an Entrepreneur. I always want the world to know me as an Entrepreneur, the blood of Entrepreneurship with the heart of pure social worker. 2. Could you share regarding your Family and Educational background?  I’m currently 17 years old, born, and brought up in...
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1st June 2020
Ms Aalisha Bafna (Gudiya) Shares Her Story of Creative Exploration and Personal Glory. An India Book of Records Record Holder Miniature Artist From Beawar.
Being from a small town in Rajasthan Aalisha could have easily been someone like many other Indian girls to take on the traditional route of life - education, marriage and traditional mid-life but she gave herself the wings she needed early on and got involved with the right people at the right time. Her life speaks of starting early to get far. Read ON!
1. Could you tell us in brief about yourself? This is Aalisha, popularly known as Gudiya in my circles. I’m from a middle-class Jain Family. I am from Beawar, Rajasthan, and recently got married in Karnataka. In my Family, I have Mom, Dad, elder brother - sister in law and younger brother. I love giving gifts. 2. How were your early childhood days?  I have a very sincere and serious nature from childhood....
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23rd April 2020