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A Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Content Writer, Chef, Traveller and Unstoppable! at 56- Harjeet Kaur
Age is no limit where courage presides. Ms Harjeet Kaur is a living example of this. With lovely grand children to play with and learn tonnes of life from her doesn't stop her from giving her commitment to share with the world the great recipes she uses to cook delightful food. The life story of one such person would be a thorough treat to read. So, Read ON!
1. Could you share a brief about yourself?  I am Harjeet Kaur- a Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Content Writer, Chef, and Traveller. I was born and lived all my life in a sleepy town- Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India. I just let my life flow with barely any ripples until I was 40. Now I am on the other side of 50. Yes but not old by any standards. I am at...
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12th June 2020
An Inspiring Young Entrepreneur from the Northeast India- Mr. Prajal Regmi
1. What do you want the world to know you as?  My name is Prajal Regmi. I’m from Sikkim, a north-eastern state of India. Currently, I’m a student and an Entrepreneur. I always want the world to know me as an Entrepreneur, the blood of Entrepreneurship with the heart of pure social worker. 2. Could you share regarding your Family and Educational background?  I’m currently 17 years old, born, and brought up in...
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1st June 2020
India Book of Records Record Holder Miniature Artist From Beawar Ms Aalisha Jain (Gudiya) Shares Her Story of Creative Exploration and Personal Glory
Being from a small town in Rajasthan Aalisha could have easily been someone like many other Indian girls to take on the traditional route of life - education, marriage and traditional mid-life but she gave herself the wings she needed early on and got involved with the right people at the right time. Her life speaks of starting early to get far. Read ON!
1. Could you tell us in brief about yourself? This is Aalisha, popularly known as Gudiya in my circles. I’m from a middle-class Jain Family. I am from Beawar, Rajasthan, and recently got married in Karnataka. In my Family, I have Mom, Dad, elder brother - sister in law and younger brother. I love giving gifts. 2. How were your early childhood days?  I have a very sincere and serious nature from childhood....
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23rd April 2020
Believe in Yourself and the world will believe in you!!- The Journey of Mrs. Neeta Adappa
Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that leads you to unlimited inspiration with the story of this ever inspiring woman entrepreneur Mrs Neeta. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Mrs. Neeta Adappa is the Founder of Prakriti Herbals, a Herbal Products company in Bangalore, India The beginning A young girl from Mumbai who got married and moved to Bangalore, Neeta had a Master’s degree in pharmacy and absolutely no inclinations of becoming an entrepreneur. In those days there were only two options-either you take up a cushy job in a multinational or you had to go abroad for studies – the third...
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12th April 2020
Areca Tea, An Inspiring Story of Nivedan Nempe From Mallenadu
Villages are becoming old age homes is a common complaint now. Youngsters getting educated and leaving villages for jobs in cities have been a phenomenon for quite some time. Continuing the family tradition of farming, or other traditional trades is getting rarer by the day. There are many reasons for this migration to cities. Farming is not lucrative. Erratic monsoons, crop failure, market price for crops being erratic are a...
Kuldeep Shiruru
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11th April 2020
The Phoenix must Burn to Emerge
‘‘Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realise your hidden POWER & POTENTIAL. Let difficulties know that you too are DIFFICULT.’’ These are quotes by our former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and they are apt for Mr. Sonu Kumar Puri(S.K. Puri) the CEO of MeraCoaching. MeraCoaching is a platform to connect students to the best coaching institute nearby. MeraCoaching is an effort to create...
Dr. Preeti Talwar
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10th January 2020
Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life Podcast: Interview with Mr. Sujit Lalwani, the Author of 'Life Simplified!'
Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® podcast is a place where ordinary people go to reveal their greatness. Host Loronda C. Giddens interviews ordinary people who become extraordinary when they share their greatness with the world. It's a conversational style format that gives guests a comfortable space to share how they transformed their life to reveal their greatness. Sujit Lalwani shares his story on this podcast. Read ON! 
Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® podcast is a place where ordinary people go to reveal their greatness.  Host Loronda C. Giddens interviews ordinary people who become extraordinary when they share their greatness with the world.  It's a conversational style format that gives guests a comfortable space to share how they transformed their life to reveal their greatness.  Layers are anything hindering you from getting to your next level...
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1st November 2019
Pet Caring Made Easier for Pet Parents. Here's How TailsLife Makes This Happen
Human-grade pet food with 100 per cent natural ingredients is what tailslife offers. Startup innovation and creation in the pet care segment is growing by the day. Read ON!
Who are the Founders of TailsLife? Can we get introduced to them? (with their education and work backgrounds) Balaji Ramesh is the founder and CEO of TailsLife. He is a certified pet food nutrition specialist with vast experience in digital marketing, and product management. He has a MS degree in communication. TailsLife is his second start-up, with the earlier one being an offline platform connecting corporates with media students. Balaji’s core...
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20th July 2019
Foodwalas Bring Authentic Delicacies of Every State at Your Doorstep
Now you could be tasting the tastes of each state sitting at home. Technology and food lovers have come together to give you that experience. The delight is in doing what is so hard to achieve and making it look easy and that is exactly what FoodWalas are upto. Read ON!
Can we get introduced to the Founder of Foodwalas? (with their Education & Work backgrounds) – Sanjay D. Lalwani, Founder & CEO Sanjay, Chartered Accountant & Commerce graduated from Symbiosis, Pune. Has over 4 years of experience in Business & Project Management. Prior to foodwalas, he has worked with Varroc Engineering Pvt Ltd, taking care of Plant Finance, apart from working on concept startup with Loves Nature, believes in the...
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12th July 2019
After CoWorking Spaces, Did You Know That CoLiving Spaces are the Next IN Thing. COLIVE is making it happen
CoWorking has become a jargon everyone seems to resonate with already and has received large acceptance globally. It looks like Coliving might be the next jargon for the memories to retain, recall and talk about and COLIVE might be playing a large part in making that happen. Read ON!
Could we get introduced to the Founder of CoLive?  Suresh Rangarajan K (SRK), the Founder and CEO of Colive, is a Chartered Accountant and a passionate start-up professional. An alumnus of the prestigious Yale School of Management, he was a core member of the founding team of Citi-Times’ JV It was under his exceptional leadership that became the world’s leading online money transfer platform and one of the most...
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11th July 2019