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Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine is an 'All Positive, No Gossips' Online Media that powers Authors, Entrepreneurs & Summits. With a goal to publish information that is inspiring, positive & knowledge-rich, iU is focused on its mission to make people #DigiWise.

If you're working on your startup, book, event or an inspiring research work, simply send us a release/article about it and we look forward to seeing that published.
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Ana Sorina Corneanu Having tasted early success in her work she brings great perspectives in her writeups. A must read Romanian writer.
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Write for iUeMagazine If you have a way with words and think you can be a part of our #wirte2inspire vision, we would love to welcome you on this journey..
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Events that Proudly Claim iU as their Online Media Partners:
  • Geospatial World Forum 2017 Geospatial World Forum 2017
    Hyderabad, India
    Jan '17

  • Unconvention 2017 Unconvention 2017
    Brussels, Belgium
    Jan '17

  • FinovateEurope 2017 FinovateEurope 2017
    London, UK
    Feb '17

  • Techchill 2017 Techchill 2017
    Latvia, Europe
    Feb '17

  • Connect2Capital 2017 Connect2Capital 2017
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Feb '17

  • World eSIM Summit 2017 World eSIM Summit 2017
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Feb '17

  • IFFS 2017 IFFS 2017
    Mar '17

  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Mar '17

  • The European Summit 2017 The European Summit 2017
    Barcelona, Spain
    Mar '17

  • Mobile + Web DevCon Mobile + Web DevCon
    San Francisco, US
    Mar '17

  • Social Media Strategies Summit Social Media Strategies Summit
    Chicago, US
    Apr '17

  • Oil & Gas Africa 2017 Oil & Gas Africa 2017
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Apr '17

  • Yes Chef Conclave 2017 Yes Chef Conclave 2017
    Mumbai, India
    Apr '17

  • CyberCentral 2017 CyberCentral 2017
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Apr '17

  • ITEC 2017 ITEC 2017
    Ahoy, Rotterdam
    May '17

  • EmTech Hong Kong 2017 EmTech Hong Kong 2017
    Hong Kong
    Jun '17

  • 3rd Global Digital Leaders 2017 3rd Global Digital Leaders 2017
    Berlin, Germany
    Jun '17

  • IISMEX 2017 IISMEX 2017
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Jul '17

  • MEC Congress 2017 MEC Congress 2017
    Berlin, Germany
    Sep '17

  • 3rd Global Cyber Security Leaders Summit 2017 3rd Global Cyber Security Leaders Summit 2017
    Berlin, Germany
    Nov '17

  • Digital Summit 2020 Digital Summit 2020
    Online, Worldwide
    Jul '20

With every step of growth we had to open up a new category for our readers. So far, so much..

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